Presenters Information


Each presentation is scheduled for 25 minutes: 18 minutes talk + 7 minutes discussion.

We will provide a presentation laptop (Microsoft Windows 7) with common software like MS Office, Acrobat Reader, Media Player, Video Codecs, etc. If you need any particular software please contact us before the workshop (or bring your own laptop).

Using the provided presentation laptop:
Presenters are kindly requested to copy their files to the presentation laptop and test them at least 10 minutes before the session starts. We will ask the session chair to be there as well.

Using your own laptop:
We strongly suggest that you make a thorough test at least 10 minutes before the sessions starts to avoid problems during your talk (e.g. beamer, resolution, etc.).

Instructions: design of slides

  • Powerpoint or PDF slides are recommended.
  • Use colors, which are safe with the beamer (avoid yellow, etc.).
  • Avoid using more than two different font types.
  • Try to achieve high contrast between background and foreground text (e.g. white background with black text).
  • Use font size of at least 20 points.
  • Avoid putting whole paragraphs on your slides. Write only the most important keywords/phrases.
  • Employ pictures, charts, graphs, etc. to present your work.

Instructions: timing of presentation

  • Organize your slides around the points you intend to make.
  • Use no more than one slide per minute (i.e. 18 slides).
  • Allocate about 2 minutes for slides with equations or important key points.