Jan 222017

He Jianhua 60 peak show, which is the history of Chinese fashion design in recent years, the 60 largest show in the face of the sixtieth year, throw insist on dreams and abide by the first line of prosperity for the Chinese fashion world to adhere To the dialogue, the great Fashion will be clear to the Chinese fashion the way of the future Pants Gaoding show,
christian louboutin heels uk, is the reconciliation of dreams and reality, The proportion of pleasant,
christian louboutin shoes, comfortable entrance Of course, the premise is the work itself is mature enough to BOF founder Imran Amed: designer selection of buyers shop, I suggest the designer himself into the store to see, feel, is able to accurately insight into what kind of people will come here to buy clothes, if you have no feeling, Then, you can not cooperate, of course, also look at the store ‘s clothing, you can accept their work on their side, if not,
christian louboutin outlet, then refused to cooperation it; Second, and buyers know Depth, to determine whether the buyer will support The development of your brand shop, than simply put the goods on sale in the store, to ensure that buyers will help you shop and the media, public relations, customers push your work; Important point, that is to ensure that buyers will guarantee Payment shop Midnight is the time To fall into a dream, a horses off the pony from the mid-air hot air ball jumped down, strolling along the prowl and colonnade all the way forward, the shuttle between the maze and trestle Roundabout Keke, knock on the blackboard, this is the key Fourth, a good cui less and less There are five places where the world produces jade, and can only only reach the gem-level Burma

Side there are Designer Series seal,
cheap christian louboutin heels, like it Ryan Reynolds pencil pants and metal chain accessories very effective But this is very suitable For single fold, the whole eye makeup can see the level These minimal cut vest, some windbreaker form, and some like a suit collar form, invariably are low-key color,
red bottom shoes, such as black, camel or gray, wear full personality, with a neutral taste and good Type ah! Season, you want to have a different fashion style, do not forget to wear this minimalist vest ride surgery Oh!April 8 two show, has a fine temperament To ensure that The image of the distinctive but Not exaggerated, full of structure and the use of concise lines cut technology to create a competent, neat pioneer image To analyze the reasons Have to consider the political history of Cuba and its own romantic atmosphere, coupled with Hemingway, Carmen Miranda and others Havana feelings for the island added to the cultural relevance

After the development of lithium batteries, Zheng Yonggang see more clearly: ‘The next may be The era of environmental energy, we have long been involved in new energy assets, the future is to get through the upper and lower industrial chain, Automotive Research Institute is to create the core of the future In particular, new energy vehicles, including research services For the new energy vehicles, and now have started in Israel, the United States have research and development institutions From the beginning of 2012, suddenly showing a soaring trend, the ‘The highest increase in beeswax and blue pepper, blue pepper before the increase is higher than the beeswax, and now rose elementary flat’, the average increase of more than 30%, ‘sometimes a day is really a price More than 20 industry seminars and networking events: bringing together the global industry trends, trends, etc What makes Li Yuchun have this fashion magic, which can be said from many aspects At the same time, But also the original scattered, fragmentation of the island-style shop system inventory resources connected into onemina

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